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20 Cool Things To Do In Colorado That You Probably Haven’t Done Yet

How often do you hear people say “Colorado is so boring”? How many of those people are the same ones who only post pictures of themselves at the club EVERY weekend? Yeah… well for the rest of you cultured folk out there, we’ve compiled a list of some pretty cool activities that you can partake in throughout the year. There might be something on this list you never even knew existed. Enjoy!


Attend a concert at Red Rocks


Despite Red Rocks being the most popular venue in the state, there is a surprising amount of people who have not gone to a single concert there. If that’s you, cross this off your list quick! More info:


Attend Film on the Rocks


The Denver Film Society is genius for this one! All summer long you can watch some great movies with the family for only $12 at one of the worlds best outdoor venues. They’ve been doing this for 15 years and if you want to make sure they give us 15 more you can always DONATE to the cause. More info:


Indoor Skydiving

Photo: SkyVenture Colorado
Photo: SkyVenture Colorado

If you’re too scared to jump out of a plane, you can head on down to SkyVenture, step into a vertical wind tunnel & get lifted. This is one of the coolest experiences you’ll ever have. It costs about $54 for a two minute introductory flight then it drops down to $17 after that.  More info:


High Speed Go-Karting

Photo: Brooke Miller
Photo: Brooke Miller

If you had a go-kart growing up, you’re going to love this! At IMI Motorsports you can rent a shifter car for as little as $40 for 10 laps. Some of these go-karts can get up to 90 mph. Sitting just two inches off the ground, you’ll be flying around a one mile long paved track freaking out at every turn. More info:




Everyone goes skiing, but how many people say, “I’m going snowmobiling this weekend”? Snowmobiles are incredibly fun machines and for $175 you and a friend can take a two hour long guided tour through the back country. Rates vary by company so find what’s feasible for you. More info:


Tour a gold mine


Denver was once just a pit stop on the way to California, that is till some guy discovered gold around Pikes Peak back in 1858. Once that happened miners were digging all across our mountain range. While no longer producing gold, there’s quite a few gold mines which produce a great tour for those interested. Kids will really love it!  More info:


Horse Back Riding


As a Coloradan, it should be an obligation that you learn or at least experience riding a horse. Especially considering that every time you go out of town, people always ask if that’s how we get around out here, anyway. More info:


Art Walk On Sante Fe

Photo: Art District on Santa Fe
Photo: Art District on Santa Fe

Denver is a melting pot of different cultures, and one of those is our art culture which thrives on Sante Fe blvd. Every first Friday of the month you can “art hop” with hundreds of other people and immerse yourself in the world of local painters, sculptors, and crafters. More info:


Cherry Creek Arts Festival


If you just bought a house, need to furnish your apartment or just love art, Cherry Creek Arts Fest is the place to be. It’s actually one of the most prestigious art fests in the country. Every year the organizers have to swift through hundreds of applications from artists all over the country that are itching to showcase their creations. It happens every summer in the beginning of July, so mark your calendar. Aside from checking out the art, they also have live music, wine tasting, as well as activities for the kids. More info:


The Underground Music Showcase


The Denver Post’s UMS is one of the biggest music showcases in the state. It features over 400 local and national bands performing at over 20 different venues along Broadway in Denver’s historic Baker neighborhood. The energy that weekend is incredible, and the plethora of great music makes for an experience you won’t ever forget. More info: or to volunteer


Go to a CSU or CU football game

Photo: Alex Benison
Photo: Alex Benison

There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that they enjoy watching college football over pro football. If you’re curious as to why that is, you have every opportunity to find out. You can check out our home team’s upcoming schedules here: CSU Schedule | CU Schedule.


Denver Cruisers


Not everyone is an avid bicyclist, but if you’re one of those people who likes to hop on your bike and go for a cruise every now and then, you’ll love riding around the city with with the hip group of souls that make up the Denver Cruisers. They operate every Wednesday evening during the summer, and if you’re not riding with them you sir, are missing out. More info:


Helicopter Flight

Photo: Colorado Vertical
Photo: Colorado Vertical

One of the most thrilling experiences you can have is taking off in a Mash (TV show) style helicopter. They do it in Vegas, they do it at Mt. Rushmore and they do it in Colorado. Depending on where you want to fly, you can charter a helicopter tour fairly cheap. In fact $99 bucks will buy you a short flight in and around the Royal Gorge. More info:


Bungee Jumping

Photo: Bkthomson
Photo: Bkthomson

Bungee jumping certainly isn’t for the faint of heart [laughs], but if you can stomach the illusion of falling to your ultimate peril, then this is something you have got to try. Head up to the Royal Gorge and step  in line. Don’t think about it, just do it! You’ll never forget it. Not to mention, the Royal Gorge has the worlds highest bungee jump. More info:


Hike a 14er


Colorado has over 50 of the highest mountain tops in the country! Grab some friends, grab some gear and see the world from 14,000 feet about sea level. The highest of which is Mt. Elbert at 14,433 feet. It just may be the easiest to hike too. More info:


 ATVing in the mountains

PIC 2009 009
Photo: Estes Park ATV Rentals

For fairly cheap, $159 for two people you can crusie through estes park for three hours an take in some incredible scenery. ATVing is pretty awesome and anyone who can drive a car can operate one of these machines. Check out or Colorado Adventure Rentals for more info


Run The BolderBoulder


One of the most popular 10K races in America is held right here in our backyard. Since it’s inception, 25 years ago, the BolderBoulder was bound for greatness. These days it attracts tens of thousands of people – 48,300 in 2013 to be exact. Why not join in? More info:



Photo: Adventures Out West

How fun would it be to glide down a 6oo foot cable high above the tree tops? More info:


Train ride along the Arkansas River


Have you ever dined while winding through the steeps cliffs of the Arkansas river? Well you sure can, thanks to the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. Round trip rides vary between two and three hours, and for only $39 (coach) you can take the whole family. More info:




Just in case you’re wondering, YES, getting shot with a paintball gun does sting, but you’ll get used to it (unless you’re good). For some of us, paint-balling was a childhood pastime that our parents (just dad) encouraged, mainly because paint ball guns were relatively safer than pellet guns. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re missing out! You have a few options: | |


What are some other cool things to do in Colorado that most people probably have yet to experience?

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Geoffrey Roberts
Geoffrey Roberts
April 14, 2016 1:06 am

That looks great, I live near Toronto and could drive.

February 10, 2015 9:23 pm

uh, how about Colorado Gators? wrestling alligators is probably the coolest experience I have had in my life.

Isreal Lite
January 13, 2015 7:31 pm

definitely going ATVing this summer