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Anonymous Billionaire Offers To Cover Costs For Contraceptives In Colorado

Five years ago, an anonymous billionaire vowed to cover the costs for anyone who needed contraceptives in Colorado. Considering the controversy on the issue, it’s no surprise why he or she decided to stay anonymous. However, regardless of what side of the issue you are on, you can’t deny the results. As those five years come to a close in the upcoming months, teen pregnancy is down 40%, mainly due to the use of contraceptives which were freely dispersed to those who requested them.

Aside from the normal birth control pills, expensive long term methods such as implants were also freely given as a part of this pledge. Opponents of this comprehensive program argue that giving birth control to teens is an act of consent for teens to engage in premarital sex.

As the anonymous billionaire’s pledge comes to an end, Colorado will have to find another way to continue funding this program.


What are your thoughts: Should Colorado continue giving out free birth control to whomever needs it?

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