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8 Things Coloradans Need To Start Doing More Often

Surely we all have a desire to create some better habits in our personal lives, but for now let’s stick to the easy stuff. Here are 7 things we as Coloradans need to start doing more often which will make our state as well as our lives just a little more pleasant.


1. Saying “hello” when walking past someone on the street

Why? Doesn’t it seem rude to walk past someone, make eye contact and not say a word? No head-nod of acknowledgment, no welcoming smile. Just a blank stare followed by a full-on dismissal of one’s existence. It wouldn’t hurt to make our state just a little friendlier than the rest with one simple gesture.



2. Letting the car next to you over, when they’re obviously trying to get over


Why? For the simple fact that you hate when people don’t let you over. Either we can all be a little more courteous or we can all be a******s. Note: the  picture above is set in a parking lot, but you get the idea.



3. Volunteering

Credit: Eileen Kane
Credit: Eileen Kane

Why? Volunteering can not only have an external impact, but it can also have an internal one as well. Meaning, aside from giving back to those in need or your community as a whole, you’ll also benefit from the righteous feeling of committing an act of selflessness.



4. Throwing trash in a trash can and not on the ground


Why? Well, this shouldn’t be a hard one to figure. If you don’t throw trash on the floor in your own home, how do you justify throwing trash on the ground in OUR HOME? Not to mention, you can (and should) be fined if you get caught littering.



5. Hiking


Why? Hiking takes us out of our man made world and if only for a few short hours, reunites us with our natural element. Not to mention, being in nature serves as a reminder that the world we live in is the world we created and not the world that was created for us.



6. Eating Chipotle (not sponsored by Chipotle)

Why? Not only is Chipotle good. Not only are they a Colorado company, but they are also making more of an effort to serve us with healthy food than almost any other fast-food chain in America. “Food With Integrity is Chipotle’s commitment to changing traditional “fast food” culture by serving customers the very best ingredients, all raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.” – Chipotle. Of course they’re not perfect (yet), but they’re trying.



7. Yoga

credit: Joel Nilsson
credit: Joel Nilsson

Why? Our bodies were designed to bend and twist, extend and retract. However, most of our daily circumstances don’t require us to do any of that, so we forget and as a result our bodies get stiff. We pull muscles or strain certain regions from engaging in the simplest of tasks. Yoga helps the body remember what it’s capable of doing. Ultimately, yoga loosens the muscles and eases the mind.



8. You decide this one! Comment below

question colorado

Do you have a good idea of what Coloradans need to start doing more often? Use the comment box below to make your suggestion. The best one will get added to the #8 spot.


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